What They Think

"I am able to value West Gate Through its ability to offer a resourceful and supportive haven for individuals, couples, and families to grow. I also value West Gate's involvement in its community partnerships in order to provide the community's diverse members with a variety of locations to seek their behavioral health needs. Lastly, and most importantly, I value family and the beauty, love, and joy it can bring. I am honored to be apart of the West Gate family."

-Sara Sipe, LMFT-I


"I value West Gate, because I could not succeed without the love, support, and compassion from my supervisors and cohorts."

-Myra Taylor


"Everything is great. You have great counselors."



"During my time at WGFTI, I saw growth and change in session with clients and in the lounge with therapists."

-Sarah H.


"Throughout my years at West Gate (as a student therapist and as an intern), I chose to stay at West Gate for the sense of family and solidarity within the West Gate system. West Gate truly is my second family."



"West Gate is giving me the tools I need to make a difference in someone's life." 



"West Gate FTI gives me a place to vent."


"I would like to thank all the wonderful counselors here for helping my children through a very trying time in their lives. Your patience and generosity mean so much to our family"



"West Gate FTI has helped me deal with what I cannot change and feel better about myself. Keep doing what you're doing."



"As an international student, I value West Gate's open, diverse, and accepting services that provide a sense of comfort and safety, and embrace uniqueness in an empowering, inspiring atmosphere. I truly value West Gate's passion and mission to engage and develop the community and assist people from all walks of life."

-Talisa Vire


"West Gate FTI is a unique learning environment for clients and therapists alike. Its sense of community and safety provides everyone with a place to grow and change as they desire. With an all encompassing level of acceptance, West Gate is a home for all who wish to make an impact on their personal relationships, as well as their relationship with society as a whole."



"West Gate Family Therapy is a training ground for life. Both clinicians and clients will learn skills that will continue to influence change long after the therapeutic process is complete"