Our Beliefs

1. We believe that hardship starts in the mind.

That’s why we take a systems approach in training students to provide quality care to the Spartanburg community. A system (or family) approach means we take a person’s whole life experience into account rather than just the individual problem at hand. This allows us to provide more comprehensive and lasting healing rather than only focusing on the issue which seems to be the most prominent problem. Most often there are other circumstances in a person’s collective system which need to be addressed in order to heal and resolve the resulting problem at hand.

2.    We believe that all people should have access to quality care.

It is our policy that we do not turn anyone away based on ability to pay. We operate on a sliding scale based on an individual’s income and the number of people in the household. Through our training program, we are able to provide affordable therapy to a broad range of socio-economic needs in our community.

 We have 3 levels in which our counselors work, allowing us to have therapy sessions ranging from $5-$100 per session.

Level 3 – Graduate Student Therapists:

  • These are graduate students currently enrolled in the Marriage and Family Therapy master’s program at Converse College. They work on a sliding scale fee from $5 to $19 based on annual household income and the number of people living in the home.

 Level 2 – Fellows:

  • These are graduates with a master’s degree who are enrolled in our Post Degree Institute here at EMERGE. They work on a sliding fee from $20 to $75 based on annual household income and the number of people living in the home.

 Level 1 – Fully Licensed Clinicians:

  • They take many types of insurance or charge a full professional fee of $100 per session.

It is incredibly important to us at EMERGE for all people to have access to quality care.

3.    We believe that EMERGE is having an immediate impact on our local community and raising up highly qualified therapists to send out across the nation.

Last year alone, we hosted 12,000 therapy sessions to about 1,350 of our neighbors.

 Approximately 23 of our graduating student therapists this past year have remained local counselors in the Southeast.

 We strive to consistently serve our local community and aim to improve the quality of care given across the nation. Together, we are transforming the way counseling is viewed and training up a flight of counselors to holistically heal community members through a systems approach. 


EMERGE Family Therapy Center & Teaching Clinic
138 Dillon Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29307
p: 864-583-1010
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